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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Team of Trustees

In total, there are 30 of us. Together, we are the Trustees of Awesome. Every month 10 Trustees get together and chip in $100 to form a grant of $1,000. Our groups of 10 rotate every month so that each of us gets to help make awesome happen four times a year.

Want to become a trustee?


Rhonda & Colin
April Naugler
Bernice Williams
Kara Turner
Ashton Rodenhiser
Susan Larder
Paul Kellog
Harvey Heinrichs
Pat Thomas
Don Sedgwick
Louise Petite & David Murray
Kathy Dunstan
Karen & Gary Wyatt
Kathie Kirkpatrick
Angie McAuley
Barbara and Peter West
John McCarthy
Kacy DeLong
Janice Ross
Elspeth McLean-Wile
Ross McMillan
Darren Nauss
Tom Rogers & Jen Worden
Sean Sears
Patty & Ian Culbert
Sylvia Ali
Anne & Dan Sutherland
Andrew Button
Patrick Henry
Sarah Allen